Home News 19.TH World carpfishing championship Hungary (Deseda lake)

19.TH World carpfishing championship Hungary (Deseda lake)

20 – 23 SEPTEMBER 2017

From: Sunday 17 SEP 2017 (arrival of teams)
To: Sunday 24 SEP 2017 (departure of teams)

For the,19.Th world carpfishing championship Croatia national team will be ready. They are favourite to win this year competition.

Come and visit Kaposvár to discover all the sights that Kaposvár!
The County of Somogy and its capital, Kaposvár, nestle amidst the rolling hills of South
Transdanubia. The history of the city – built among the sloping hills of Zselic – goes back to the time
when the Hungarian State emerged and when in 1061 our oldest protected monument, the
Benedictine Abbey in Kaposszentjakab was founded. The centre of Kaposvár itself was developed
mostly in the second half of the 19th century and in the first two decades of the 20th century.

Every week from June till August, outdoor musical and theatrical performances offer entertainment
to the public. Covered adventure pools, a refreshing sauna world, medicinal spas with excellent
thermal water, swimming pools and recreational services plus a 25-metre pool await both the young
and grown-up alike at Kaposvár’s Flower Bath.
Lake Deseda was created in 1975 by damming an eight-kilometre section of the stream called
Deseda in its valley. The lake is ideal for fishing and angling, also for boilie – fishing and fishing
tournaments take place on a regular basis. Hiking trails, rest points and bridges enable the visitors
to walk and cycle around the lake. On the western side a lookout tower offers a wonderful view over
the lake and its surroundings.

The countryside in Zselic is one of nature’s wonders. Being one of the least light polluted areas in
the world, it is the perfect destination for those interested in the starry sky. The Star Park of Zselic
– a tourist facility offering various services – provides an unforgettable experience with its expert
staff, observatory, telescopes and programmes organised on a regular basis.
The small villages dotted in the Zselic area have hidden values. The deer farm in Bőszénfa, the
Europa Nostra Award winning Ethnographic museum in Szenna or the adventure farm in Patca are
all there to discover.

Kaposvár awaits all! Our city offers such programmes, venues and destinations which are available
to all and are easily accessible to those living with disabilities. Since 2009, a Braille map, leaflet and
an audio guide material have been available to the blind and visually impaired.
When in Kaposvár, visit the Tourist Information Office for the latest information on local
programmes and the sights in and around Kaposvár