BIG NEWS FOR Silstar (Carpfishing)!!

Lapovac lake and the last round of the Croatian League defined the passengers on the world carpfishing tournament in Hungary. Congratulations to all participants and travelers to the world championship. The first-placed team of KARAS “Bilje” team member: Martin Hohos, Ivan Brenc and Ivica Ljubek used the nylon Silstar G2, PT FLUO series and Senzo [...]

Soluble boilies, perfect trigger baits!

Soluble Boilies contain many attractants making them the perfect bait to achieve fantastic results. Select baits soluble boilies are made using exactly the same ingredients as the cooked ones and more. The only difference is skipping the boiling process, so as soon as they contact with water they instantly start to release small particles which [...]


INSIDE THE MIND OF MARTIN LOCKE Outrageous angling, world records and the future of one of the UK’s most respected brands as the man behind the Solar brand talks openly and honestly. Q: What’s the most outrageous piece of angling you’ve ever witnessed, either here in the UK or aboard? ML: “Over the years I [...]

New Feedstimulants products for 2017!

  After long period of time Feedstimulants is having some new products in the range. Feedstimulants try to focus on basic things what every angler need ,and this is liquid flavours. With old flavour of Crayfish we have added some new ones: Squid, Maple cream, ButterScotch, Scopeh and Almond. With some new flavours in the [...]

New Silstar products for 2017!

New projects in Silstar company officaly started in 2016. After long time period new products will see daylight and new items will be released in 2017. We tried to be strictly positive about new products what we have recived from factory as final product. Special things have perfect way to be made, and we are [...]

Total baits product info (Ocean spice series)!

This naturally powerful range formulated to provide necessary dietary requirements and impressive instant triggers. Manufactured from specific marine based ingredients in a multitude of forms. Its remarkable ability to provoke immediate responses come from selected attractors included at optimum levels, each attractor calculated to work on different levels in all water conditions/temperatures. A combination of individual spices, [...]

The most famous powder of all: CELL! What is it?

Chris Gabriele making some intro of this fantastic product. Chris speaking: Boilies are made from different flours, flavors (flavors and fragrances) and feeding simulants (substances that give the impression of natural food). In addition, we processed the globe regularly truly natural food. The aim of the bait is to give a signal that stimulates the [...]

Total baits zamrznuti /shelf life/ mamci!

U Total baitsu razvijali smo naše mamce u skladu s prepostavkom da riba naš mamac što prije prihvati kao izvor hrane (dugoročno). Kako napraviti kvalitetan mamac, a da ne zaobiđemo problem da je problem uvoz jeftinih mamaca i kompanije koje s niskim cijenama ne mogu dati prihvatljivu kvalitetu.”. Neumorno radimo ovdje, danju i noću, kako bi [...]

Silstar is making new carp rods!

Silstar brand for 2017. is making new offer for anglers worldwide. Basic offer will be in carpfishing and spinning, and for sure we will make due this process good products. On several lakes we have in plan to make some casting events with ,a lot feedback from customers to see their think about new design [...]