Orient rods najava intro!

Kroz par emailova vlasnik firme Orient rods ukazao mi je povjerenje da pokušam kupcima predstaviti seriju štapova koji iza sebe imaju veliku priču. Naime prvi sinonim kojim su se vodili u Orient firmi, je da ribolovcima ponude izrazito kvalitetne štapove, napravljene od visoko kvalitetnog karbona. Naravno svi mi imamo svoje favorite, kako u svakom sportu [...]

New spod rod from Silstar (Yokozuna 2018.)

For 2018. we have prepared several new products. First product what will be entry for 2018. is new spod rod. Last generation of our spod Yokozuna recived many compliments from our anglers, and this year we have developed new spod, from same name Yokozuna, but different characteristics. Material of new rod is blue carbon-plexi premix, [...]

Winter time carpfishing!

Carp fishing in the winter perioud is extremely difficult, why? There are many questions, but also the logic of why carp has reduced metabolism in winter time. Carp as well as many other fish has its period in which hibernate, then it is still. In such weather conditions it is difficult to prove the fish [...]

Amino kiseline kao dodatak mamcima!

Amino profili u šaranskom mamcima su izuzetno važan dio mozaika, kada pogledamo sve komponente koje dodajemo da bi naš, mamac bio što kvalitetniji. Uz klasične komponente koje dodajemo u naše mikseve od izuzetne je važnosti imati balans svega onoga što dodajemo da bi naš mamac bio što atraktivniji i što više korisniji za ribu, tj. [...]

World carp classic 2017!

Another World carp classic has ended. Lot of famous anglers try their luck, and put their knowledge for catching some big carps. Pioneer of UK Carp Fishing and at 80. years of age, Mr Tim Paisley, and Legend Mr Lee Jackson, third angler in team Benji,are the new World Champions after landing another 50+ fish last night [...]

Story about Feedstimulants company!

                  We are a business specialized in a variety of extraordinarily aquacultural feed / specimen fish bait ingredients, attractants and feeding triggers. Mainly consisting out of the latest generation feed ingredients for aquacultural fishfarming. Which all are proven fish attractors/stimulants, both by study and fieldtesting.Many of the [...]

Lake Deseda (Hungary)

This year world carp championship is attending on lake Deseda in Hungary. The longest artificial lake of Hungary, DESEDA, lies north of Kaposvár. Lake, as well is in the woods and field-lined surroundings, offer both excursions and water sports enthusiasts a pleasant stay. The area close to the Toponar is mainly visited by young people, sportsmen and [...]