Carpfishing tactics using PVA systems!

One method when using boilies in PVA bags is to add in a few crushed baits, however, make sure you use crushed pop-up boilies rather than bottom baits. The powdered pieces and particles from the crushed pop-ups will slowly rise upwards so any passing carp can home in on your hookbait. They will also rise [...]

Boilie mix ingridients…

When constructing a boilie mix, it can seem quite daunting at first, there are so many ingredients out there, and making sure you have right combination to give a bait that rolls well and catches fish consistently can be a big challenge! However, there is nothing more satisfying than catching fish on a bait you [...]

Spring time carpfishing theme!

Spring is the time when all of nature seems to wake up from the cold spells of winter just gone, and life under water is no exception. The water temperature starts its initial rise and allows cold-blooded carp to become a little more active to go in search of more food. The increased demand for energy creates [...]

What about some pop ups!

Normally in some time i didnt belive in our start of carpfishing in pop up boilies. From time to time i start using them, and see good things in catch level. The most important thing from my experience is u have lot of option to make perfect setup with your hook bait and pop up [...]

Preparation for spring carpfishing!

Fishing in Spring time is a real favourite for me and also many other anglers. Probably because us fisherman have waited all winter for the weather to warm up a little bit and for the fish to become more active again. Winter definately seems to go on longer when you are a fisherman. Although some [...]