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Federico Bulgari – Passion for perfect rod making


It is true and I agree with so many of you that a fishing rod is used for fishing and not for being beautiful at a lake. But customizing a cane is not just aesthetic, in fact, the same blank mounted in different ways takes on fully developed characteristics, so according to your requirements I can optimize the action of the cane.
The fittings are executed in a small scale in a completely crafted way, so they are kept in the smallest detail using the best materials available on the market.

Plates are securely attached to the blank to avoid the risk of seeing their reel rotate on the blank after a fishing season. The bindings are meticulously performed with the finishes that you prefer, Painted with a high quality epoxy that guarantees brilliance and transparency over time as well as good elasticity, avoiding cracks that create moisture infiltration.

That being said, why not even have a nice tool that also satisfies our tastes aesthetically? The chances are really good and I think you have selected a good number of absolute quality components, browsing the site you can choose the combinations according to your taste.