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Final Results for the World Carp Championship 2019.

Carpfishing championship in South Africa is over. South African carp anglers won golden medal, with amazing result. During competition several times competiton was paused, cause stronge thunderstorms kick hard to Bloemhof Dam. At the end several new teams proved that carpfishing is really speacial sport, sometimes u are up, sometimes u are down.

Team SA is really enjoying their home ground advantage; after the most recent weigh-in they have a total weight of 715,050kg for 243 fish. Their closest competitor, Ukraine, has a total weght of 409,040kg for 133 fish, with Romania in third place with only 365,390kg for 130 fish.












It seems as though Team SA is on a numbers as opposed to a big fish strategy – the biggest fish of the tournament thus far belongs to France with a 8,190kg fish, but they are only placed fourth, whereas the biggest fish for Team SA is only 5,390kg.

The competition was tough on Day Two as the weather took a turn for the worse with a huge electrical storm and lots of rain over the dam that resulted in the officials playing safe and calling a temporary halt to the fishing. Being a 72-hour continuous event however, the anglers still had plenty of time to recoup the lost hours. In addition all competitors were supplied with fully equipped tents on the banks that made the inclement weather conditions infinitely more bearable .

With 309,160kg the Protea father and son combination of Dean and Christopher Pelser are not only the top pair in their zone,  but are also the leaders of the 72 strong field. Johan de Klerk and GP Nel are in 3rdplace with 247,060kg while Pieter Greyling and Yaeen Surtee are in 6th  with 158,830kg.

Final table sheet: