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Lake Deseda (Hungary)

This year world carp championship is attending on lake Deseda in Hungary.

The longest artificial lake of Hungary, DESEDA, lies north of Kaposvár. Lake, as well is in the woods and field-lined surroundings, offer both excursions and water sports enthusiasts a pleasant stay.

The area close to the Toponar is mainly visited by young people, sportsmen and bathers, while a resting place for those who seek peace and quiet. Deseda is surrounded by a variety of hiking trails that can be used by bicycle. In colder lakes the lake is hidden by the skater of the skater. They mainly focus on the area between the 67th highway bridge and the arboretum due to the favorable conditions.


The lake is accessible from several directions. Arriving from Kaposvár, we can reach the lake on the east side of the lake following the “Water sports station” sign in the Toponari area. In Kaposfüred, at the church you have to leave the main road from where you get a crushing road to the waterfront. The main road No. 67 crosses Somogyaszaló in the north of the lake.


The lake was paved in 1974 by closing the river called the valley with a valley barrier. The lake is 8 km long and has 26 km of perimeter, 245 ha and 8.2 million m3 of water. Its water catchment area is 170 square kilometers. The Deseda was created as a flood reservoir, but from the beginning it was the target of anglers in Kaposvár. From 1974, angling was on the water when the Fishing Hunting Association of Kaposvár became the holder of fishing rights.

With nearly five years of sacrificing work, an amazing water catching fish produced good results. During federal treatment, he turned to the opposite: the local, non-indigenous bus was planted, and the lake was exactly killed because of this fish. Insufficient damage occurred in the habitat and in the lakeside community. Fortunately, the lake has a substantial self-sustaining ability; Thanks to the fact that it is still close to an average fisherman. The reservoir and its environment have been declared to be a protected site of protected nature.

Angling information of lake: Its depth of water and its formation show a varied picture. In the parts nearest to the gauge 3 to 3.5 m in the other parts of the lake (especially north of the 67th road) the depth of water is around 1 m. Deseda Lake offers fantastic opportunities for angling. Its long coastlines allow for the simultaneous placement and entertainment of a large number of anglers. Boating angling also provides good opportunities for catching fish.

The lake is owned by the Local Government of Kaposvár County. The use and protection of Lake Deseda and its surroundings is provided by the Local Government Decree.

From January 1, 2011, again the KAPOSVÁRI SPORTHORGÁSZ ASSOCIATION is the fishing manager of the lake.