Making our own baits in basic is not a problem if we have vision how to make one.
If u have your own boilie mix or u have fishing store branded mix, it is difference in components what producer used for making this kind of mix, but ingredients are very important because, u must know how to make them atractive with eggs trough dought.

Spring boilie is very different comparing to summer boilie for example, we dont put so much oil in spring boilies, water temperature is not still effective for lot of oil in the boilie, so oil can close your bait and it wouldn be so attractive signal in the water.

Our recommendation is to use stinky-milk flavour combination with not much fish flour in the mix, maybe boilie mix: based on milk proteins, seeds, soya flour, maybe biscuit meal and other ingredients what have really nice solubility in water.
Stinky flavour is also good in combination with fruit boilie flavour like: Strawberry or Pineapple or Cream milk flavour: MILK B, Coconut, Vanilla or Scopex.

For spring we also advice balanced baits or if u like wafters.