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Soluble boilies, perfect trigger baits!

Soluble Boilies contain many attractants making them the perfect bait to achieve fantastic results. Select baits soluble boilies are made using exactly the same ingredients as the cooked ones and more. The only difference is skipping the boiling process, so as soon as they contact with water they instantly start to release small particles which form a flavor and aroma-rich cloud around the bait arousing the interest and stimulating the feeding instinct of fish in the area.

The series of soluble boilies are excellent choice for situations when we wish to catch the wish within short period of time. Basically, these boiles are filled with biger quantities of amino acids, attractors, vitamins and special aromas which are dispersing in the water very quickly and creating the “cloud” which is irresistible to the fish.

Thanks to these properties it is very effective on waters where fish are in abundance. Breakdown time vary depending on size and conditions in water. This baits have perfect attraction for fish so most anglers use this baits, when they go in tournaments or short fishing venues.