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Story about Feedstimulants company!










We are a business specialized in a variety of extraordinarily aquacultural feed / specimen fish bait ingredients, attractants and feeding triggers. Mainly consisting out of the latest generation feed ingredients for aquacultural fishfarming. Which all are proven fish attractors/stimulants, both by study and fieldtesting.Many of the products displayed in the shop are inspired by the Big carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks, of Tim Richardson. We consider his work to be invaluable and ground breaking. In other words essential for the demanding, innovative home bait makers whom are seeking to stand out from the masses. His work, current (and forthcoming) ebooks are considered by many all over the world as The “bibles” for bait making. After a short period in 2017. we launch our first pop up batis in 3 different taste. Our new pop ups are something special!


Quite simply the must have reference books for every home bait maker. He puts this information and much more, into practice in his unique 1-1 bait tuition for beginners to expert level. Have a look at the Big carp catfish bait secrets ebooks at: BaitBigFish.com.Our shop is located in the Netherlands, but our webshop is in English. This is done to make the webshop accessible for international customers.Please note that the advised dosage of each product should not be exceeded, because all our products are pure and undiluted.

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