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Winter time carpfishing!

Carp fishing in the winter perioud is extremely difficult, why?

There are many questions, but also the logic of why carp has reduced metabolism in winter time. Carp as well as many other fish has its period in which hibernate, then it is still.
In such weather conditions it is difficult to prove the fish to take our bait, but there are always signals we can put in our bait, to be attractive even in winter time, when the water is below 8 degrees Celsius. It is commonly known that carp and many other fish from the cyprinid family stop with active nutrition when the water temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius.

Our bait must be nutritious, with lots of nutrients. Most of the baiters preferred by winter fishermen are based on dairy proteins and creamy aromas with additives of Essence: Orange, Citrus, Lemon, and many others. In numerous studies, it has been proven that fish react very well to these essentials, which in turn determines the guideline of what we use in our bait. Winter carp fishing is not easy, every little thing is crucial, so pay attention to your bait and try bait size to catch winter fishing, it’s commonly known that fish in the winter take very little bait, so be extremelly carefull with your decision, what u will use to catch your carp.